Why I maybe don't want you as a reader

I'm sick of it. Just sick of it. Have you actually heard yourself? It's just shameful and embarrassing. I'm a middle aged, white, nerd blogger. All the toast, jam side up. I have had enough of whinging, spiteful, bitter, and stupid people who are harassing women/LGBT/muslims/whatever around the internet. I know that every time I tweet something positive about these people I lose followers. Sadly this means they won't read this, but I might catch a few more who are still following me. I'm glad you stopped following Swift Studies. I don't want you as a reader. Either start accepting that people have different experiences than you (and benefiting from that realisation and understanding their experiences) or just be quiet. No-one that matters cares what you think anymore. I can't make you change, I can only change me. I'm proud to say I listen to podcasts like Rocket, and that it challenges me. I don't always understand their perspectives (Brianna WuChristina WarrenSimone De Rochefort) but I don't need to in order for them to be valid. What's even better? The stuff I struggled to understand in early episodes makes sense now. Thank you Rocket for helping a dinosaur dodge a few more meteors, I think I might be beginning to get it. Really get it. 

I really don't think I can convince any of the closed minded individuals who don't see that their anguish at these social changes validates the position of the change agents... but if I could just leave you with a single thought... what makes me try to be better is this... 

Do you really believe there is enough love and happiness in the world? Watch the news dripping with hate and struggle, why not make someone happy without taking something from anyone else today? 

I know those leading the charge for open-minded social liberalism don't need my help, but I would like them to know they have it, they are changing me for the better, and I'm going to try harder to part of the solution. I know there is a huge personal cost to what you are doing, and all I can say is that it is appreciated and I know you are going to look back on this period in your lives and be able to say you were part of changing the world for the better. So thank you, just thank you. 

I did struggle with the idea of posting this. Firstly, it kind of breaks its own rule about avoiding hate and spite, but I have decided there is a net benefit. Insert something about omelettes and eggs here. Secondly, I don't want to patronise the champions of social change, I hope I have managed to just show support, but please DO tell me what I've done wrong, and what I could do better. Ears wide open. 


Swift Studies

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