Working Around Bugs: OysterKit on XCode 6 Beta 3

Just a short note here, two XCode 6 Beta 3 bugs were stopping the OysterKit framework building, and the examples from running. 

We have work around the first, which is caused when two protocols refer to each other

protocol ProtocolA {
    func test(argument: ProtocolB)
protocol ProtocolB {
    func  test(argument:ProtocolA)

Which crashes the compiler! We've addressed this by making TokenizationState a class for now. It is unlikely to impact anyone, but I wanted to flag up the change. 

Finally the examples won't build and run because of another XCode bug, but luckily folks on the apple developer forums have figured out a work around (sadly it has to be applied for each app individually), please just follow the steps provided in this thread.

We've left the changes in a separate branch on GitHub (xcode6beta3), as I'm not sure I'll keep the change to TokenizationState after the bug has been fixed. I do love my protocols as contracts pattern!