OysterKit - A Pure Swift Tokenization & Parsing Framework for Mac and iOS

I'll keep it quite short, but we've been busy working on the string tokenization and parsing code that I've been sharing over the past couple of weeks. I have now turned it into a Workspace with projects that create frameworks for both Mac and iOS. Code you develop that uses it would be identical regardless of the platform you targeting.

We've called it OysterKit (see below if you are curious about why).

If you are interested, please take a look at its home page and grab it from GitHub if you wish. This is the first time we've really kicked off an open source project, although we benefited from many. It felt like time to put something back into the community. 

OysterKit because we took the opportunity that Swift appearing over the horizon presents to re-write some of the core "libraries" we use for Oyster. I have long wanted to make some of these available as open source, but the code really needed a lot of work to make it publicly consumable. Swift seemed like a great time to build it out for external consumption.