WWDC 2014 - Introducing Swift

The writing is on the wall for Objective C. 2014 will be the last year where the focus of Apple's efforts is on that language. From this point forward we can expect to see Swift get more and more of Apple's attention. 

Whether or not you think it's about time (Avoiding Copland 2010), or it's just going to be a new pain in the ass, the clock has just been reset. Personally, I think it's very exciting, especially for newer (or new to Apple platforms) developers, in a years time the most anyone will be able to say is that they have one year's Swift development experience. 

This blog, I hope, will become a useful repository for those moving over from Objective C, for those learning Swift as their first programming language, for those just looking for a few solutions or snippets. 

So what has Apple given us to get started? Well we've got a few overviews and a book in the iBooks store; you can get them all from this link on the Apple Developer site. 

I'll leave you having a read of that before we start playing...